Happy morning to you,

In life, you face different types of situation on a daily basis. Some of these situations are not what we desire.

However, you know that logical and rational thinking shows it is impossible for you to save yourself from the situations you face.

Therefore, it is sensible for you to accept those situations with a positive attitude. This way, you live a happy life.

If things do not go the way you wish them to be, you should wish them to be the way they are in reality.

Stay Happy!

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In this edition, you will read,
1. Our in-house article, What if I am not performing well .
2. The healing power of laughter , from our MD (Folake Odidi)
3. 20-Point Plan for Happiness left by a dying mother for her family
4. Get the link to our Introductory Video on Youtbe

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I am a Medical Doctor, a Social Justice Activist and a Relationship/Happiness Coach

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